Indian Traditional and Modern Jewellery is what we have at Jashan Jewels. Jewelry from India includes Indian Traditional Necklaces, Indian Jewelry Pendents, Earrings, Bracelets, Bangles, Anklets, Indian Wedding Sarees and so on...
About Us

Jashan Jewels is one of the leading Brands of Silver Jewellery in Jaipur, started by Mrs. Anita Dhingra and Mr.Sandeep Dhingra under Manmohan Exports. The retail and International business is taken care by Pankhuri Dhingra.

The company was founded in 1995, and is known for its Sliver, Art, Kundan and Fashion Jewellery.

We have been successfully marketing our products through the distribution network in northern and southern India as well as U.S.A, Paris, Milan, Dubai and U.K. Our distributors are Jewellery shops, boutiques or big designer houses.

Full of beauty and softness of the most delicate sensibilities, Jashan jewellery is designed to fulfil all female desires, with each and every design of Jashan oozing with excellence.

Extracted from the natural world of inspiration, it allows one to leave the cumbersome and artificial aura and instils that purity and charm for the wearer, leaving them with a sense of beauty in every moment.

Jashan has the gift of putting pure silver and metal and precious n semi precious gems together to form truly beautiful and inspiring pieces of art. From earrings to rings, necklaces to bracelets, Jashan has so many styles of jewellery for consumers to choose from.

Jashan is the classic representation of the perfect blend of elegance and fashion, allowing you to cast your own personified image of exotic designs, luxury, and beauty.

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